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Edgar Barrantes


Political1 min read

Liberties are being restricted little by little in Costa Rica. Some examples as of today:

  • You can not buy certain items, supermarkets are open but there are tapes restricting sales of books, electronic equipment and everything "non-essential".
  • The liberty to transit in vehicles is restricted from 5am to 5pm, with some plates not being able to transit on some days, and on the weekend you'd need to present proof of going for essential items if a transit officer asks for it.
  • Dactilography is closed in the judiciary offices, hence the right to bear arms is restricted to people that already had permits.

The current pandemic is of course the argument behind some of these restrictions.

This old message is a bleak reminder of the future can hold:

Ridley says that as long as we have trade and specialization prosperity will rise. How to preserve it? This post helps a lot to understand what can be done on an individual level to hold the line.

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