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Edgar Barrantes

Matt Ridley and Naval

Rational Optimism, Learning, Book references1 min read

So Naval is a person who's being heard by people who make things, Naval talks about choosing a "Rational Optimist" for a business partner, sounds like it makes sense to learn how to be a "Rational Optimist".

In the last podcast by Naval Revikant, he talks with Matt Ridley (who wrote "The Rational Optimist"). Naval talks about being influenced by Ridley since he was young. Ridley appreciates that his ideas are being shared by a successful wealth generator, proving them. They recognize how intelligent discourse is thus created by sharing and (im)proving ideas. When Naval talks about a "Rational Optimist", he talks about Ridley's book.

In this talk Ridley intertwines economics and biology and weaves an argument for how trade and specialization has influenced human evolution. With further examples, and the idea that specialization means less time in order to produce more and better, he establishes why analyzing how since that started, overall we've been becoming more prosperous generation after generation particularly in places where trade is possible.

Naval talks in his podcast about how creating wealth leads to abundance for the community, sharing on Ridley's idea. Hence making it an ethical choice whether or not to pursue wealth.

Whether or not Ridley argument is true, the fact is that this idea allows for the thinker (or replicator) to enter a positive feedback loop in which one improves the community.

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