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Edgar Barrantes

We're just people going about playing their games

Self-assessment, Writing1 min read

We're really just people going about, playing their games and sharing them with other people.

One of the reasons I believe we do that is because we need to remember sometimes where we were and who we were with... To feel that there's a kind of continuity in this chaotic experience we call life. And we need that continuity in order to feel there is a sense of self. Otherwise it would just be rocks flying about in the universe. No. We're monkeys that are living here and now.

It's really important to remember that we're just points of view for the universe to experience itself. Otherwise you get too deep into your own troubles and that rabbit hole is a road to not be aware, and if what you are is a point in the universe experiencing it self... Just be it. Enjoy it. There's no right or wrong. Do what you like. Play your game.

There's a spark into some of us that looks out to connect, I can't really explain it, but it moves you to places that to not forget what that human interaction is. Seek it, experience it. If you're able to do it where you are, great. If not, move. To whatever allows you to connect, hopefully, with other people that also have this spark.

These times I think are moments to be rebels, move and seek, feel what you can, experience, share with people. This is an instinct, you're looking for members of your pack.

I really appreciate you took the time to read this, that means that we connected, and that's pretty fucking cool.

I've being enjoying this piece of music, it's pretty good to accompany those moments where you stop, and let the passing of time hit you like waves to a rock, letting it shape you little by little.

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